FROM roughing in a tent to bringing his parents out on stage, AC13 is looking forward to another hectic festival season.

The drum and bass DJ grew up in Lanzarote – splitting his time between the Canary Islands with his mother and Rottingdean with his father, before moving to Worthing as a teenager.

AC13, real name Jay Carmen, performed at Boundary Festival in Brighton last year – even bringing his parents out on stage.

But the 22-year-old told The Argus Podcast he has even higher expectations for the 2022 festival, which takes place on September 24.

“I’m through the roof to be playing there again,” he said.

“Last year, I bought my mum and dad on stage for the last tune during the set. It was so special.

“I used to punt at Boundary Festival years and years ago. It was one of the first festivals I did. I remember going when I was 16 or 17, but it has developed a lot since then.

“The line-up is great. It’s a good vibe every single time. I have severely high expectations for it.”


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Organisers have announced more than 50 acts who are due to perform at the electronic music festival in Stanmer Park.

Jay, who only began making drum and bass music four years ago, is already planning ahead.

“In five years from now is to push outside of drum and bass,” he said. “I don’t know if I can do this in my 50s – it’s the most draining thing in the world doing drum and bass.

“Drum and bass is so fast paced. You never know when somebody is going to burn out, or the genre is going to burn out.

“I do a lot of singing. Down the line, I want to end doing more commercially appealing music under a different alias.”

The Argus: AC13, real name Jay CarmenAC13, real name Jay Carmen

Discussing potential future collabs, Jay said: “One artist that has been really delving into drum and bass who hasn’t really done it before has been Example.

“He’s been working with Turno and Bou. And it’s bringing this massive surge of people who don’t really listen to drum and bass and it’s flourishing.

“So Example is one I really want to work with.”

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