A CROCHET artist is bringing an interactive “ice cream” exhibition to a seafront gallery for the summer.

The month-long ‘Kate’s Cones’ exhibition by Kate Jenkins will see the Brighton-based pop-art creator serve up colourful scoops and nostalgia-laced lollipops made from yarn, with special events planned on weekends, as well as a Q&A session.

The art show kicks off in Brighton with a special four-day event to coincide with the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday weekend, with Kate creating celebratory artworks to mark the occasion - including an ‘Ice Queen’ and ‘Corgi Cone’.

The Argus: Kate's 'Ice Queen' and 'Corgi Cone'Kate's 'Ice Queen' and 'Corgi Cone'

Visitors can also expect a Fab-ulous range of knitted ice cream creations, from an Elton John-inspired ‘Rocket’ ice lolly to a vanilla-haired ‘Lolly Parton’.

Kate said: “Kate’s Cones was born from our collective yearning for more carefree days of sunshine staycations, celebrating the Great British Summer with a nod to nostalgia yet with a firm eye on a brighter future.

“I love to create food-related knit and crochet artworks and ice creams seemed to fit perfectly for my summer exhibition.”

The Argus: Kate's Elton John-inspired 'Rocket' ice lolly (left) and 'Lolly Parton'Kate's Elton John-inspired 'Rocket' ice lolly (left) and 'Lolly Parton'

The artwork’s interactivity comes from special knitted ice cream scoops in favourite “flavours” which can be made to order. There will also be a chance for visitors to decorate their ice cream knitted piece using “sprinkles” and other colourful items.

Larger framed versions of the ice cream artworks will also be on show and for sale in the gallery.

Kate said: “I grew up in the Welsh valleys, hearing that familiar ice cream van twinkly jingle and rushing to get a scoop.

“The idea of applying this childlike, frivolous fun to my artworks during summer in Brighton is already bringing me lots of pleasure and I hope it will for you too.”

The Argus: Kate Jenkins with her assortment of yarn: credit - Mark VesseyKate Jenkins with her assortment of yarn: credit - Mark Vessey

The exhibition will run from June 2 to 26 at the Atelier Beside the Sea gallery in Kings Road Arches.

Jon Tutton, the gallery’s director, said: “Our gallery is on Brighton beach and we want to make it a place where all people are welcome to enjoy art and also make art.

“Kate’s exhibition is the perfect expression of our philosophy that art is for all and art should be engaging.”