A CONSERVATION and heritage group has expressed dismay at the appearance of “swirly” lines in a town centre.

The lines in Montague Place in Worthing, inspired by cities like Copenhagen, were painted after the road was transformed into a pedestrianised area linking the seafront to the town centre.

A range of colourful plants, shrubs, decorative lighting and seating areas were also put in place to make the area an “attractive outdoor meeting space” for people in the town.

However, the Worthing Society has called on the council to reconsider and remove the “harsh and intrusive” white lines.

Sue Belton, the society’s chairwoman, said: “The Worthing Society Committee were dismayed to see the appearance of a swirly layout of white lines appear in Montague Place.

“The area is part of the historic South Street Conservation Area and should showcase the town linking Montague Street to the seafront promenade.

“In our opinion, these extensive white lines are over-dominant. They detract from the historic character of the listed buildings on the west side of the area, as well as the views of Liverpool Terrace, Liverpool Gardens and the Desert Quartet sculptures which form an integral part of Worthing’s character.

“We urge the council to give a commitment to removing these harsh, intrusive white lines as soon as practically possible.”

Worthing Borough Council said that the area will be used for businesses on the street for outdoor dining, as well as events on the east side of the road.

A spokesman for the council said: “We wanted to transform Montague Place and provide residents, businesses, shoppers and visitors with an inviting landscaped open space that can be used for a variety of things - whether meeting up with friends for a coffee or something to eat at one of the many excellent eateries, relaxing in the sun or visiting one of the events that will be held over the summer.

“The new planters and flowers will really add some colour, while the new lighting and seating areas will make a perfect meeting place that is car-free and more aesthetically pleasing for everyone.

“Initially this is a temporary project and we are preparing an engagement exercise to understand what people want to see in the long term to benefit this wonderful area of the town centre.”