THE Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister says “the door is wide open” to privately reconnect with their father if she wants to.

Samantha Markle also revealed that Thomas Markle is “rebounding remarkably well” after suffering a stroke and losing the ability to speak.

She spoke on Good Morning Britain on Monday, months after calling for a lawsuit against Meghan Markle for alleged defamation during her televised interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021.

Speaking about their 77-year-old father, she said: “He loves all of us and he’s been bashed in the media for always speaking out to extend an olive branch to reach out to her.

“He is her father, so he has a right to reach out to her. He has been very honest and open in those feelings and the door is wide open.

“She’s always had his phone number – it hasn’t changed – and his address, so any suggestion that she doesn’t know how to get hold of him and that she wanted to be private is somewhat ridiculous on the grounds that, if you want to reach out to your father privately, you know how to do it.

“And you don’t use PR and media outlets all over the world to make that announcement – that’s not private.”

Samantha has alleged in court documents that Meghan told “false and malicious lies” about her during the Oprah interview and in the Finding Freedom biography.

Their father has sided with his older daughter and said he would be “thrilled” to be able to defend her.