PUPILS have raised more than £2,000 for their College’s Enterprise Fund by selling a range of eco-friendly products and “pupnic” refreshments.

The children from West Sussex Alternative Provision College (WSAPC) brought a sustainability stall to Goodwoof, a new event dedicated to dogs taking place on the Goodwood estate.

As part of WSAPC’s enterprise initiative, in partnership with Goodwood, students teamed up to make a range of products from recycled materials, including dog toys, bandanas and waste bag pouches; as well as “pupnic” refreshments.

Working alongside Goodwood CEO, Chris Woodgate, and the wider Goodwood team, the students, ranging from primary to Year 11, were tasked with brainstorming product ideas, “manufacturing” processes and marketing strategies. 

The Argus:

They then had to work together to create the products which involved teaching peers how to use sewing machines, quality checking every item for sale and creating stall decorations.

Mandy Gamon, subject lead for personal development and careers at West Sussex Alternative Provision College, said: “The learning opportunities that Goodwood have given to WSAPC, not only for the students but for the staff too, are amazing.

“This will further enhance our Career Education Programme allowing us to teach our students about the world of work and the skills they need to succeed through a practical experience rather than just in a classroom; this what they need to engage and learn. 

“The whole experience with Chris Woodgate, CEO of Goodwood from start to finish has been so positive and an invaluable one which has well and truly kick-started Enterprise in our school, I can’t thank him and his team enough for their involvement with WSAPC.”

The Argus:

Selling these products at the event, the budding entrepreneurs raised a total of £2,012 for WSAPC’s College Enterprise Fund, with students set to determine how to use the funds.

Chris Woodgate, CEO of Goodwood, said: “We were delighted to welcome WSAPC to Goodwoof, our new dog event at Goodwood. 

“This was the first year of a project to encourage enterprise with the school. 

“The quality of the work produced by the students, both in terms of creative product design and the branding concept, was best reflected in the sales they took and receipt of an invitation to exhibit at another event.”