AN AUTHOR is hoping children will discover their wild side after donating hundred of books to schools.

Television producer Nick Powell has given away copies of his storybook, Poppy Goes Wild – which tells the tale of a young girl on a mission to save her grandfather’s farm.

Nick was the CEO of a Sussex-based production company which is responsible for hit shows such as Supernanny and The Repair Shop.

Now, he hopes primary school pupils in the county will be inspired to get involved with rewilding projects thanks to his book.

The Argus: Poppy is attempting to save her grandfather's farmPoppy is attempting to save her grandfather's farm

“I wrote the book to encourage children to recognise the incredible regenerative power of nature if it is given a helping hand,” he said.

“If Poppy can help to motivate any child to look after nature and to begin their own rewilding journey, then that will truly be mission accomplished.”

Nick’s book donations come as part of Sussex Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild challenge, which sees young people do a nature-related task each day throughout June.

“I am delighted to be liaising with trust,” said Nick.

The Argus: Poppy Goes WildPoppy Goes Wild

“It has a very impressive record in engaging schools, and this June it will inspire thousands of Sussex pupils to embrace wildlife.”

The book has received huge support from celebrities, including actor Joanna Lumley, who said: “Poppy is the child we all long to be; brave, curious, headstrong, compassionate and the best fun in the world.

“Her love for wildlife will chime with children everywhere: an adorable book.”

In the book, Poppy must save her grandfather’s farm by rewilding the area to how it was 50 years ago, with wildflower meadows and native wild animals.

The trust has more than 36,000 members, and works to maintain and restore the county’s natural heritage.

Dave Bolton, head of community action for the trust said, “The annual 30 Days Wild campaign, held throughout June, is a great opportunity for people of all ages to take action for nature right across the UK.

“We are so lucky to have Nick’s support in Sussex and we hope Poppy inspires young people to learn more about rewilding and help local wildlife.”