ARGUS readers have been divided on the fate of the Prime Minister as he fights for his political life in a confidence vote this evening.

At least 54 Conservative MPs, including Worthing MP Tim Loughton and Bognor MP Nick Gibb, submitted letters calling for Boris Johnson to resign as leader of the party, triggering a vote of confidence.

Should 180 MPs call for him to go in a secret vote of Tory MPs, the Prime Minister will be ousted from office.

Readers have been vocal on both sides of the debate, with many saying that Johnson should quit.

Merv Moon said on Facebook that he had “broken the trust of the British people” after he was fined over parties held in Downing Street when covid restrictions were in place.

Martin Ryan echoed that sentiment and said: “Anyone supporting him is complicit in being morally bankrupt.”

However, others said removing Prime Minister Johnson would be too disruptive during the cost of living crisis and the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

Simon Phillips said: “He shouldn’t go, as it would be too destabilising at this time with war and help going towards bills.”

With speculation rife about who could replace Johnson should he be ousted, some readers came up with their own suggestions, including Jacob Rees-Mogg, Alan Partridge and even Katie Price.

One commenter said they think Johnson will not be ousted by Conservative MPs in the vote later today.

They said: “He won’t go - it will be down to the British people to throw the Conservatives out at the next election.”

Some backbench Conservatives had expressed fears that the partygate scandal, which saw Boris Johnson fined for breaching covid restrictions, has irrevocably damaged his reputation among the public and threatened the party’s chances at the next general election.

The confidence vote comes weeks before two by-elections are due to be held in Conservative-held seats, with a poll released last week suggesting they could lose the marginal seat of Wakefield to Labour in a landslide result.

The confidence vote will be held between 6pm and 8pm this evening, with the results announced shortly afterwards.