THE UNIVERSITY of Sussex has reached a deal with a union to end a marking and assessment boycott.

Sussex University had been one of a number of universities where members of the University and College Union (UCU) had been taking part in industrial action, demanding fair pay, job security, manageable workloads and equality.

Following discussions, the University of Sussex and the Sussex branch of UCU have agreed to ensure working conditions and remuneration are important in the recruitment and retention of staff and to balance fair rewards for staff with the long-term sustainability of the university.

The University’s executive group and the UCU will also work together to secure the best outlook for the university.

The agreement ends industrial action under the union’s current mandate, which extends to October 2022, including the marking and assessment boycott and the threat of strike action.

Interim Vice-Chancellor David Maguire said: “I am very pleased that as a result of ongoing constructive dialogue we have reached agreement on these three issues. 

“This ends all industrial action including the marking and assessment boycott and we can now collectively focus on our students achieving their grades and graduating. 

“This is a very important agreement. I very much appreciate the work of many colleagues in concluding it and thank everyone for their willingness to find a compromise.”

Jo Pawlik, UCU Sussex President said: “Reaching agreement on matters which are important to protect our members’ interests, working conditions and benefits is hugely important to us. 

“We have established working groups with UCU representation and senior leadership to further progress discussions on a number of pay and working conditions.”