A SCHOOLGIRL is in with a chance of scooping a top award for her work in the LGBTQ+ community.

Georgina Wrigg, who attends Burgess Hill Girls, set up the Prism club at her school, after noticing the need for a space for young people to discuss LGBTQIA+ subjects.

The 17-year-old is in line for the Role Model of the Year prize at this year’s Queer Student Awards, to be held in Manchester later this month.

She will attend the ceremony in the hope of bagging the top prize.

“LGBTQIA+ young people are far more likely to feel isolated and to struggle with their mental health than their straight, cis, or allo counterparts,” she said.

A cis, or cisgender person is someone whose gender identity matches with their biological sex at birth. Allo, or allosexual, people are those who feel a sexual attraction to others as opposed to asexual people who rarely or never feel sexual attraction to others.

“Prism is built to counter that feeling of isolation,” said Georgina.

“I came up against such difficulties after my own coming out, feeling a longing for community and a loss at not having one. This is an experience common to every other LGBTQIA+ person I have spoken with."

The Queer Student Awards recognise a commitment towards positively addressing adversity that LGBTQ+ youths can experience in daily life.

Nominees are judged by a panel of student recruitment experts, influencers and young people in education from the UK and Ireland.

Burgess Hill headteacher Liz Laybourn said: “This is such well-deserved recognition for Georgina who has pioneered our successful club Prism.

“The detail and dedication she has shown in formulating the club where students feel listened to and supported has been well received by many.

“I applaud her determination and thorough preparation which has undoubtedly made the club a huge success."