A SCHOOL has issued an apology after its headteacher told children to “go to hell” for signing shirts before the final day of term.

An outraged parent shared a video with The Argus in which Philip Stack, headmaster at Oriel High School in Crawley, can be heard shouting at a class of year 11 students for taking part in “last day rituals”.

The school has now issued an apology for Mr Stack’s comments, which it described as “unusual” and “out of character”.

The Argus: Oriel High School in CrawleyOriel High School in Crawley

In the video, Mr Stack threatens to stop any child who is seen signing shirts from going to the school’s final year prom, before adding that he would “tell them to go to hell”.

He says: “If anyone engages in that kind of nonsense for the rest of the day, at lunchtime or any other time, I will cancel their prom ticket and they will not get a refund.

“I will tell them to go to hell. I feel so let down – this has never happened before.

“So please advise your friends, in case they were not in this lesson when I visited this period, for god’s sake, no more nonsense and stay focused on exams.

“We will do all our end of year 11 celebrations on Wednesday, June 29, when the exams really are over.”

In a statement to the Argus, a spokesman for Oriel High School said Mr Stack has apologised to pupils in person and sent a letter to parents apologising for his “over the top comments”.

The spokesman said: “The Headteacher spoke with Year 11 students to advise them against any ‘last day’ rituals until the examinations are over when there is a planned final Year 11 assembly and barbecue.

“The comments and the manner in which the students were addressed was most unusual and out of character for the Headteacher.

“He has acknowledged that his comments were ‘over the top’ and has apologised to the students both verbally and through a letter sent via the parents of Year 11 students.

“On the day in question the students’ behaviour was exemplary and the headteacher has complimented them for it.”