I READ The Argus story about the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner's astronomical salary for 2021 and the overall cost of running her office, also the talk of having a deputy with more money being taken from the public.

I also read about the vandalism in Brighton and Hove.

Is she failing in her duties in reducing this crime?

Isn’t it about time we saw warranted police officers back on the beat working a three-shift system covering 24 hours?

Policing this way is a craft. You get to know your beat, the people living there, good or bad. You know the local teenagers' habits and hideaways, thus reducing crime - the fear of not knowing if a “copper” is going to turn up.

Come on Katy, stop flying the Conservative Party flag and do something positive for a change. After all the police service is non political isn’t it?

John Packham

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