POLICE have increased patrols in parks following reports of antisocial behaviour.

Officers from Brighton and Hove Police stepped up their presence in and around Kipling Gardens in an attempt to combat the issue.

“Information from our local community is absolutely vital to our work.  Here is a fine example of why your reporting makes a difference,” a police spokesman said.

“PCSO Crutchley and PCSO Scott were carrying out proactive patrols following up on reports we had received of antisocial behaviour around Kipling Gardens.

“While they were out, one person was stopped and dealt with due to being in possession of drugs.  We call that teamwork.”

Brighton and Hove Police also carried out night patrols in Blakers Park following reports of antisocial behaviour in the area. 

If you are aware of any issues or witness any antisocial behaviour in the area or anywhere across the city, please report it via the police website or 101.

Earlier this week, police increased patrols in and around Queens Park after reports of drug dealing.