A POLICE community support officer accused of raping a teenager after bragging about having celebrity friends was in a WhatsApp group called The Wolves.

Jamal Robinson was 26 when he allegedly assaulted the 19-year-old after meeting her at a Brighton nightclub.

A court heard how Robinson used the instant messaging app inside the club, telling friends: “OMG. I’ve never seen so much puss, boys.”

After buying the young woman a drink, Robinson sent a selfie of them to the group.

In the picture, he could be seen turning away from the camera while the young woman covered her face with a hand.

Robinson, from Hove, told the court he was concerned about his girlfriend seeing the picture.

The court heard how he shared a message with friends in the WhatsApp group - which he had been part of for 10 years - saying: “No face, no case.”

“I agree, the tone of the language is boyish,” he told Lewes Crown Court. “My intention wasn’t to go out and meet someone.

"My intention was to go out with my friend and have a good time. I shouldn’t have been taking a picture. I was being laddish with my friends.”

The court heard how Robinson, now 29, gave the young woman his badge to hold and told her cops could get free VIP treatment.

The young woman said Robinson also claimed to know YouTubers Conor Maynard and Caspar Lee.

Robinson - known to friends as Bertie - bragged about having homes in London and Brighton before taking her back to his mother’s flat in Worthing.

The woman, now 21, said she agreed to go home with the officer because she felt safe with a policeman.

The former Sussex Police PCSO denied forcing himself on the teenager.

Edward Hand, prosecuting, asked him: “Was there a point you were pushing yourself on her?”

Robinson replied: “There was not a point where I was pushing myself on her.”

Mr Hand then asked him: “Did she say she was uncomfortable or it was hurting her?”

Robinson said: “She made a reference to me about the size of my penis. She said she could feel I was the biggest person she had slept with.”

Mr Hand said: “There came a point that night when she made it clear to you she didn’t want sex to carry on. Despite that, you did carry on, knowing she did not consent.”

“That did not happen,” Robinson said.

The young woman told how the officer did not stop after she told him “no”.

The woman said she told her friend: “He made me do things I didn’t want to do, I’m in so much pain.”

The court heard Robinson’s relationship ended soon after the incident in December 2019.

“I didn’t feel great about cheating on my girlfriend,” he said.

Robinson denies rape and sexual assault of the woman on December 14, 2019.

The trial at Lewes Crown Court continues.