THE i360 is offering visitors a unique view of the Sussex seafront from the roof of the attraction’s viewing pod.

Launching today, Walk 360 offers the public a unique open-air view of Brighton from 450ft (138 metres) above the city.

Participants will board the glass pod and, once at full height, an instructor leads the group to a ladder between the pod and the tower.

With adrenaline pumping and hearts beating fast, the group will step onto the top of the i360 pod for an open-air walk around the viewing tower, giving a unique chance to see the stunning coastal and city views from a totally new perspective.

The Argus:

The new experience comes months after the attraction offered visitors a chance to climb to the very top of the observation tower.

Visitors will also be able to abseil down from the i360’s glass pod in another new experience launching on Sunday.

Ian Hart, chief operating officer at the i360, said: “We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the 'extreme 360 activity portfolio' at BA i360.

“Walk 360 is an exhilarating experience and offers the public a chance to see Brighton as they never have before.

“With the Climb 360 that we launched just last year, and the Drop 360 abseil on offer, BA i360 is fast becoming the centre of adrenaline-fuelled activities in Brighton in addition to a unique viewing attraction.

“I’m confident this extreme activity will appeal to a new audience for our business, those that enjoy adrenaline-fuelled activities which will give you a buzz of accomplishment and leave you feeling elated.”

The Argus:

The Walk 360 experience is open to anyone brave enough aged 12 and over at £40 a person. The experience lasts around an hour and 30 minutes and includes two digital photographs.

Walks will take place every day from July 23 until September 4.

The Drop 360 experience, launching on July 19, will cost £99 a person - with participants required to read and sign a waiver before abseiling down from the attraction’s glass pod.