There are lots of reasons to head to Butlin’s this year, and after an unforgettable trip to Bognor with his family ARRON HENDY gives you seven of his favourites.

The Argus: Fun at Butlin's Bognor

The swimming pool

It’s been a few years since the new £40 million pound pool opened with slides, rapids, a wave machine, and the world’s first helter skelter water ride. But the Splash complex still feels like new. We loved the rapids the most, particularly at the evening pool party. Swimming out into the moonlight and seeing the Butlin’s lights twinkling in the distance was beautiful.Using the inflatables to join the children in the water rides was super fun too.

The Argus: Fun at Butlin's Bognor

Table service and food

It’s a simple thing but a real plus. Queuing at the bar can be really annoying, let’s face it. I’ve always wondered why we don’t do it like the French, who have their orders taken from the table. If you are paying, why should you do all the work right? Using the Butlin’s app to order drinks was great. There’s enough excitement to get involved in so this was a perfect chance to kick back and relax. Particularly in the huge new entertainment venue where we saw Platinum Queen. I didn’t stay sat down for long though once the beats started for We Are the Champions. This leads us nicely on to…

The Argus: Fun at Butlin's Bognor


At the new venue we also saw Sam and Mark, off the telly. They hosted their own TV style gameshow with holidaying families on stage and it was hilarious. There was the Butlin’s panto and loads of good music acts in Reds. Other Butlin’s acts on this year’s programme include Fleur East, Stephen Mulhern, Justin Fletcher, Dick and Dom, Peppa Pig and PJ Masks.

The Argus: Fun at Butlin's Bognor


The Wave Hotel has a wow factor. It’s spacious and the view from our balcony was breathtaking, across the English Channel. You can look down at all the people heading into the Butlin’s Skyline pavilion.

My children particularly loved the way the room service turned the towels into animals.

There was a games room with PlayStations, and other consoles. I enjoyed a bit of Fifa with another dad while we were “looking after the children" one teatime.

The Spa

At the Ocean Hotel they have a spa. My wife and daughter loved it. They told me all about the hydrotherapy pool, Crystal Steam Room, Sauna, Snow Cave, outside Hot Tub, disco showers and foot spas. They loved the view from the hot tub across the complex.

The Argus: Climbing at Butlin's in Bognor


It was the fun that we had at the activities that have really stuck in the mind. Making memories at Butlin’s was fantastic. Particularly, for me, it was the Lazer Tag. I think it rekindled a childhood love of playing war games and guns with my friends, but on to a new level. We were handed out smart-looking machine guns and headwear that would register the hits that you take. Too many, we were told, and we would have to run to the reset station before we could rejoin. The computers would register who pulled off the most hits. We were divided into teams and made it off to hide in the play area, neatly set up with camouflage. We were off and I raced around picking off my prey. I didn’t care if they were adults or small children, suddenly everyone was fair game, including my own children. The sandy floor meant you could race and jump around with abandon. I went into full Rambo mode.

The final game was the most fun - last man, woman or child standing. Thankfully the youngsters picked off the adults and were left to fight it out.

We had a really active holiday in fact.

My son loved the climbing wall and going round on the ropes.

We all had a go at the archery and it was great fun. The Butlin’s guide made it, with competitions between the families.

The Argus: Fun at Butlin's Bognor

The fairground

The rides are great at Butlin’s. A little scary at times when you hit a certain age. But they are fine as long as you do not head there straight after dinner. Most of the rides are included as part of the holiday too. So that’s hours more excitement.

There is such variety at Butlin’s so that your stay there is a rollercoaster ride. a mixture of huge joy, food, and entertainment. The real pleasure is in spending time together as a family. Off our phones, talking to each other and enjoying ourselves. The busiest detox you will find. And it’s right on our doorstep.