A CYCLING event is facing a backlash after huge tailbacks plagued the city centre on Father’s Day.

Competitors in the British Heart Foundation London to Brighton event yesterday were seen weaving between cars as they rode along Grand Parade in Brighton.

There is no designated cycle lane on this part of the route, meaning thousands of cyclists and vehicles shared the space on a busy Sunday.

Social media users have now called for the event, held every Father’s Day, to be rescheduled.

Ruth Lawson said: “It’s time to stop this nonsense every Father’s Day.

“Brighton and Hove City Council should tell the organisers they must choose a different Sunday, so we can enjoy our city on this special day.”

Lisa Brazier also spoke via social media and said: “I live in Bevendean, and I don’t even try to go out because of this race.

“I don’t understand why it always falls on Father’s Day. So frustrating.”

Traffic was gridlocked from around midday until 3pm, and stretched from the Palace Pier roundabout up to the bottom of Elm Grove.

It worsened still as drivers joined from the traffic lights at St Peters Place.

“It is a lovely event,” said Lynn Brown, via social media.

“It should be changed to another Sunday, not held on Father’s Day every single year.”

The Argus: Traffic stuck in Grand Parade, Brighton, during the cycle rideTraffic stuck in Grand Parade, Brighton, during the cycle ride

Police Community Support Officers at the event said that the traffic system at the Palace Pier roundabout combined with an excessive number of cyclists and vehicles had caused the chaos.

Spectators said that the situation was “embarrassing”, while many participants said they were disappointed that their 54-mile cycle had finished in a traffic jam.

Responding to calls for a date change, the charity said that it would not be making an amendment, as the bike ride has become a special date for families to spend together.

“Among the thousands of cyclists riding, we have lots of families who get together and take part on Father's Day, celebrating being with their dads on such a special day,” said Ellie Mynes, the bike ride's event manager.

“Now 45 years old, the London to Brighton Bike Ride is an iconic event which has traditionally taken place on the third weekend in June.

“Many people who take part in the event do so in memory of a loved one, including many fathers, which paints a fitting tribute for so many people taking part.”

The Argus: Traffic joining Grand Parade from St Peter's Place, BrightonTraffic joining Grand Parade from St Peter's Place, Brighton

Large numbers of people showed their support for the event, including Nick Tew on social media, who said of the cars heading into Brighton: “Didn’t they see the signs out of town that mentioned the bike ride, which is on the same Sunday each year?

“Driving in Brighton is a nightmare every day, not just Father’s Day, or on a Sunday.

“Cars are not welcome in Brighton. When will people learn?”

The route saw cyclists leave from Clapham Common at staggered times and arrive at Madeira Terrace approximately three and a half hours later.

The earliest riders began arriving in Brighton at approximately 8.30am, having left at 6am.

The city council said it will work with organisers to discuss whether any changes need to be made.