ALT-J returned to Brighton for the first time in five years to mark the release of the new album with an intimate gig.

The indie-trio entertained a packed-out Chalk, delighting the crowd with exciting, new tracks and old favourites.

The show was held in collaboration with Resident Music in Kensington Gardens, Brighton, with each lucky ticket holder buying a copy of their new album The Dream to gain access to the venue.

And they did not leave disappointed.

The album launch show felt more intimate than a regular show - Alt-J are used to playing much larger venues than Chalk now - and gave fans a chance to see the band in a more stripped-back setting.

Despite a few teething problems throughout the set, the band’s natural charm and support from the crowd, meant they were quickly forgiven.

Alt-J, who met while studying at the University of Leeds, burst onto the indie scene with the debut album in 2012 and with their latest release, it is clear they are showing no signs of slowing down