THE doner kebab has become a staple of the great British night out - stumbling into a kebab shop in the early hours of the morning and digging into greasy meat slathered in sauce to try and stave off a hangover.

However, Brighton’s latest kebab restaurant hopes to reshape that stereotype and have people opt to dig into a kebab as something to grab on the way to work, sit down to enjoy for lunch... or even eat for breakfast.

German Doner Kebab, which opened in North Street today, aims to offer a more premium kebab experience than that of the classic kebab shop.

The new outlet - the chain’s 104th to open - has everything you would expect of a modern fast-food restaurant with self-service screens for customers in a hurry, a selection of tables and booths, and artwork nodding to the brand’s creation in Berlin in 1989.

The Argus: Some of the new staff at German Doner Kebab in North Street, BrightonSome of the new staff at German Doner Kebab in North Street, Brighton

Smiling staff were very quick to recommend their trademark kebab sandwich - dubbed "The Original’" which I picked up with their "Flaming Fries" and a set of sauces - prepared fresh each morning. I also ordered some chilli cheese bites and doner spring rolls - two of their sides.

As I waited for my food, I wondered what makes the brand German, as opposed to Scottish - where the UK operation is based. One staff member helpfully told me that all of the restaurant’s meat is produced in Germany and then shipped to their outlets around the world.

My order soon arrived and I was left wondering how to tackle the huge kebab in front of me. It was packed with juicy chicken and beef, as well as locally-sourced crunchy lettuce, tomato and red cabbage.

The Argus: 'The Original' - one of the menu options at German Doner Kebab'The Original' - one of the menu options at German Doner Kebab

It was incredibly flavourful and it was obvious that everything in the kebab was fresh and prepared that day - something I’m told is incredibly important to the brand. 

It was hard to not leave a mess in tackling the meal in front of me - fortunately, the restaurant clearly prepared for this, providing diners with a hand towel to wipe my hands after digging in.

But there is more to German Doner Kebab than just the "OG". The restaurant also offers a wider range of ways to enjoy doner meat, with paninis, quesadillas and burgers - each available for less than £5.

The Argus: Some of the options available on the restaurant's '2.0' menuSome of the options available on the restaurant's '2.0' menu

German Doner Kebab does try to cater to Brighton’s vegetarians with a few options to choose from, but unfortunately, there are no vegan options at the moment.

The restaurant is open from 11am to 11pm every day and will soon be available on delivery apps Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats.

German Doner Kebab is looking to grow their team in Brighton, with positions available on their website.