A COMMUNITY tree-planting scheme has planted 15 new trees along a street after four years of fundraising and planning.

The scheme in Glebe Villas in Hove has been transformed by getting street trees for the first time, after other roads in the area featured them since their construction.

The planting was the idea of resident Lara Rix-Paradinas, who sought help from Wish ward councillors Robert Nemeth and Garry Peltzer Dunn.

Ms Rix-Paradinas said: “Hove is known for its tree-lined avenues and I wanted Glebe Villas to be a part of that tradition; not only for the look, but also for the numerous benefits trees bright to a city.”

Magnolia, hawthorn, golden birch and nettle trees are among those to be planted along the road.

“Nettle trees are the best one for capturing CO2 and they are at the ends of the roads and we have more delicate trees in the middle,” Ms Rix-Paradinas said.

“There’s a really good mix of trees for wildlife and for their beauty and, as such, there’s all year interest.”

Brighton and Hove City Council charged £12,750 to carry out the planting, with funds raised from the councillors’ ward budget, resident donations, the Hove Civic Society and countryside charity CPRE Sussex.

Cllr Robert Nemeth said: “Cllr Garry Peltzer Dunn and I were delighted to be involved from the outset as part of our general plan to bring new trees to our ward.

“Glebe Villas is now transformed aesthetically and environmentally. We are grateful to residents, Hove Civic Society and CPRE Sussex for their support.”