A HUGE Canadian coffee and doughnut franchise is planning to brew up a storm as it opens its first site in the county.

Tim Hortons will open a 114-seat restaurant and drive-through in Chichester Retail Park, Portfield Way.

The Argus: Tim Hortons offers an array of topped doughnutsTim Hortons offers an array of topped doughnuts

The chain has become known the world over for its decadent doughnuts, speciality hot drinks, and flavoured iced coffees.

Kevin Hydes, chief commercial officer of Tim Hortons UK, said: “There are already a number of fans in the area who have been asking us when we were planning to come to the city, so we are delighted the time has finally come.

The Argus: The restaurant will also have a drive-throughThe restaurant will also have a drive-through

“Not only is this the first time our brand has opened in West Sussex, but it will be our most southerly, which means we are absolutely delighted to have the chance to bring our restaurants to even more people in the UK.”

The Chichester site is expected to create around 50 jobs, and will be open seven days a week, from 6am until midnight.

The Argus: Pancakes and other sweet treats are also availablePancakes and other sweet treats are also available

The brand was founded in 1964 by Canadian national hockey player Miles Horton, nicknamed Tim, but it was not until 2017 that it launched in the UK.

It now has 54 sites in the UK, with that number set to increase to 63.

The site in Chichester will open in the next few months, but an exact date has not yet been confirmed.