TWO SECURITY workers have been hospitalised following a violent assault by a lone attacker.

Police were called to the Brighton Music Hall in King's Road Arches, Brighton, after a man attacked two members of security.

He punched one to the ground, before hitting another.

It is not known what caused the vicious scrap, but the door staff were later taken to hospital.

The incident on Saturday, June 16, was filmed by a member of the public, and has been widely shared online.

A spokeswoman for Brighton Music Hall said: “One single male, who is known to the police, was involved.

“Whilst removing the gentleman from the premises, one of the door team sustained an injury that required medical treatment, but we are happy to report he is absolutely fine and was back at work the next day.

“Incidents of violence on Brighton seafront are thankfully extremely rare. As a rule, there is a fantastic, family-friendly, carnival atmosphere.”

Sussex Police say they were called to the incident at around 8.40pm and are still on the hunt for the man.

“A suspect has been identified from video footage of the incident, and enquiries are ongoing to locate him for questioning,” a police spokesman said.

The Argus: Brighton Music Hall. Photo: Google.Brighton Music Hall. Photo: Google.

In the video, onlookers could be heard jeering at the fight, with one person saying: “He’s dropped him, he’s hard, he’s f*****g hard, he’s a tough man, he’s a f*****g tough man.”

Two men then approached the attacker to break up the fight, before ushering him away from the scene.

The video has drawn huge numbers of comments from members of the public, almost all of whom have condemned the attacker’s actions.

One person said via Reddit: “A friend was at the Music Hall when this kicked off.

“The man ran off after this.”

Another said that there is “no place for people like him in Brighton”, while others agreed that they hope he is swiftly found by police.

The security firm has been contacted for comment.