A VAN was seized after a motorist was caught driving without a licence, insurance and tax.

Police pulled over the van in Lewes on Monday, June 27.

Officers found out the vehicle had no tax, while the driver did not have a valid driving licence or insurance.

The van was subsequently seized by police.

 A Sussex Roads Policing Unit spokesman said: “First stop of the day is this van in Lewes - seized for no tax, no insurance and no valid driving licence.

“Remember when you move house it's important to update your address with the DVLA - this driver hadn't received his post informing him he was disqualified.”

Earlier this month, a car was seized in Seaford after a motorist was caught driving without a licence.

Police were first alerted to a car driving in an antisocial manner which was reportedly causing a nuisance.

Officers later located the car in Peacehaven and after speaking with the driver, police found out the car was not insured, and the motorist did not have a full driving licence.

“The car was seized, and they now face a disqualification and hefty fine at court,” a Lewes Police spokesman said.

“Two lessons to be learnt here; Firstly, make sure you and your car are legally allowed to be on the road.

“Secondly, if you're going to flout the law and drive illegally, it's probably not the brightest idea to draw attention to yourself by your poor driving.”

The police spokesman said while waiting for the car to be recovered after it was seized, officers were able to speak with local residents about road safety and show them around their police vehicles.