A COUPLE who follow an "off-grid" lifestyle say they will not use sun cream on their children, claiming it is harmful.

Adele and Matt Allen, from Brighton, think “carcinogens” in sun lotion cause cancer rather than the sun itself.

The pair, who have three children, Ulysses, nine, Ostara, five, and baby Kai, have previously slammed the NHS for citing coronavirus as a cause of death.

They do not believe in vaccinations and have previously caused controversy for saying they let all three children co-sleep with them, allow them to decide what they want to eat and have no fixed bedtime.

Speaking to The Sun, Adele said: "A lot of people believe the myth that the sun gives you the big C.

"But in reality, the sunscreen that most people use contains carcinogens so if anything, it's the sun creams that are causing the problems and dehydration."

The Argus: Matt and Adele Allen live in BrightonMatt and Adele Allen live in Brighton

The couple said they move to the shade when the weather becomes too hot and they like to build up a natural resistance to the rays throughout the year.

The NHS says exposure to the sun is the number one cause of skin cancer. It says particular care should be taken between 11am and 3pm when the sun is at its strongest, and urges people to cover up and wear sun protection.

Adele and Matt have also banned sunglasses, saying they stop the sunshine reaching the pineal gland in the eye.

The British Medical Journal conducted a study that found exposure of the pineal gland to sunlight in children between six and 15 years old could be associated with a reduced risk of multiple sclerosis later in life – however Healthline states that the pineal gland is still not fully understood.

Adele and Matt previously criticised the NHS for “wrongfully” putting coronavirus on death certificates.

The Argus: The pair have a controversial parenting styleThe pair have a controversial parenting style

"The NHS staff are routinely putting Covid patients on ventilators, which have been identified by numerous high-ranking whistle-blower doctors as the perilously wrong treatment,” Adele said  during the pandemic.

"The NHS staff are also putting Covid 19 on death certificates when people died of other conditions; when they haven't been tested for it, and against the express wishes of the patient's families.”

The couple, who do not believe in following the national curriculum, home school their children and keep work to a minimum.

In an interview with The Argus in 2019, Matt said: “Every parent has their own commitments. We’ve sacrificed financial freedom to give ourselves more time with our kids."