TWO teenage brothers who savagely beat a dad with logs as he tried to protect a schoolboy can be named for the first time after a judge lifted reporting restrictions.

Archie and George Tilley were jailed for 12 years for a remorseless, sustained, vicious and frenzied group attack which shattered the skull of former carer Alan Willson, 47.

Their attack following a row over a frisbee continued when Mr Willson was bloodied, incapacitated and on the ground, a judge said.

Their identities can now be revealed following an application by journalists.

The Argus: Archie Tilley, behind, and George Tilley, front during a previous court appearanceArchie Tilley, behind, and George Tilley, front during a previous court appearance

George Tilley was only 13-years-old and brother Archie 14 when they attacked Mr Willson with a force Her Honour Judge Christine Henson QC described as beyond the comprehension of most people.

Their claims of self-defence were described as lacking credibility, the judge said.

Harry Furlong, 18, of Horsham was jailed for 20 months for his part in beating Mr Willson so badly his family were told he may not survive.

George Tilley, who will turn 15 next week, and his brother Archie, now 16, were told they are a significant danger to the public.

Lifting the reporting restriction on identifying the Tilleys, HHJ Henson said it was just luck Mr Willson had not been killed.

The Argus: Archie TilleyArchie Tilley

“Lifting the restriction would have no or little impact on the rehabilitation process.

“I am satisfied it is now in the interests of justice to lift the restriction,” HHJ Henson said.

The brothers showed no emotion when they were handed nine year custodial sentences.

A three year extended licence was added by the judge following an assessment of their dangerousness.

The Argus: George TilleyGeorge Tilley

The judge dismissed their claims of self-defence.

“None of you had any injuries of any note following this brutal attack.

“This was a group activity, initiated by Archie, enthusiastically joined by George.

“Harry Furlong, yours was a lesser role.

“Nevertheless, you joined in,” the judge told them.

The Tilleys will be eligible to apply for parole after serving eight years.

The Argus: Harry Furlong has been jailed for 20 monthsHarry Furlong has been jailed for 20 months

Furlong will serve at least half of his 20 month sentence in custody.

Archie Tilley had two previous convictions for three offences.

George had five convictions for 18 offences.

He was only ten at the time of his first recorded offence.

All the offences were for violence including ABH and battery.

The Tilley brothers from Worthing and Harry Furlong attacked Alan Willson in a park on Easter Sunday last year.

The Argus: Archie, left, and George, right, were given nine year custodial sentencesArchie, left, and George, right, were given nine year custodial sentences (Image: Sussex News and Pictures)

The jury were shown chilling train station CCTV footage of the boys re-enacting their brutal assault on Mr Willson.

The teenagers bragged and joked as Mr Willson was being airlifted to hospital.

A girl who saw the boys at the train station described to police how they were ‘bragging’.

In a dramatic victim impact statement, Mrs Willson told the court her life had stopped.

The Argus: Alan Willson suffered severe and life changing injuriesAlan Willson suffered severe and life changing injuries

She said: “On Sunday 4th April 2021, Easter Sunday you destroyed my family and have broken us beyond repair.

“I will never forget turning up in that park and seeing what you had done to my Alan.

“You took away a husband, father grandad, brother, cousin and uncle.

“My life has stopped.

“There is no more joy,” Mrs Willson said.

George Tilley tried to look away as a video of Mr Willson as he is now was played to the court.

The Argus: The brothers at a previous appearanceThe brothers at a previous appearance

A jury in Hove heard the attack started after the boys were involved in a row with another 11-year-old over a frisbee.

Mr Willson, 46, suffered severe and life changing head injuries when he was beaten with a heavy, blunt object.

Mr Willson was in hospital for three months.

Asked about his recovery, wife Annie Willson said: “He has recovered as much as he’s going to.

“He will never speak again.

“He has no mental capacity although it fluctuates.

“He is continent but not always.

“He is the most frustrated person I’ve ever seen because on the days when he has capacity, he knows what he wants to say but he can’t say it.”

The Argus: At a previous court appearanceAt a previous court appearance

The boy who witnessed the attack described how Mr Willson and the other three boys started arguing.

The boy told police: “One of them just came like grabbing and pushing him and then they all started whacking him with like stumps or like really large thick sticks.”

Mr Willson was bleeding heavily from his ears and head when his wife found him lying on a park footpath near their home in Worthing, West Sussex.

Mrs Willson was was told by doctors his injuries were catastrophic and they did not believe he would survive.

The jury heard a harrowing list of the horrific injuries.

He suffered brain damage skull fractures, facial fractures, damage to his eyes and rib fractures.

The Argus: Mr Willson was airlifted to hospital from Longcroft Park in WorthingMr Willson was airlifted to hospital from Longcroft Park in Worthing

Police were called to Whitebeam Road in Worthing at around 7.30pm on Easter Sunday, April 4, last year after Mr Willson was found injured in the street following the assault in nearby Longcroft Park.

He was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Eastern Road, Brighton where he had brain surgery.

He suffered life-changing injuries including spinal fractures, lung trauma and broken bones and after months in hospital.

The Argus: Alan Willson in recent monthsAlan Willson in recent months

His rehabilitation is continuing at home.

Furlong was convicted of grievous bodily harm by a majority of 11 to one.

George and Archie Tilley were found guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent by unanimous jury verdict at Lewes Crown Court in Hove.