LOVE Island stars Luca Bish and Gemma Owen are having their relationship tested after being split up during the Casa Amor challenge.

The boys, including the 23-year-old fishmonger from Rottingdean, were introduced to a new group of girls during Sunday night’s episode of the ITV2 dating show.

In the Casa Amor villa, Gemma, the daughter of football star Michael Owen, bonded with newcomer Jack Keating over both having famous parents.

Jack, 23, is the son of Boyzone star Ronan Keating, who has said he is “buzzing” his child is appearing on the ITV2 dating show.

Speaking to the new boys, Gemma, 19, was asked how things were going with Luca and whether they were “officially a couple”.

She replied: “I wouldn’t say we’re official and I would not be official while we’re in here.

“I’m a big family person and it would be important to introduce someone to my family and get their take on him, and I would want to meet their family.”

The Argus: Luca Bish (right) talking to Gemma Owen in Love Island villa Luca Bish (right) talking to Gemma Owen in Love Island villa

Meanwhile, in the main villa Luca and new girl Mollie also had a private conversation.

Before long, the pair discover they have something in common.

Mollie said: “Guess what? My last name’s Salmon.”

Luca replied: “No, it’s not.”

Mollie added: “I swear to you. Luca Bish, Mollie fish.”

Speaking about his coupling with Gemma, Mollie asked: “So are you quite open still, or semi-closed?”

Luca said: “I’m semi-closed, yeah. But you just don’t know what’s happening over there. Listen, if someone were to come in here. It would take something special, and you don’t know.”

Before entering the villa, Luca said he applied for the show after coming out of a four-year relationship.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 and ITV Hub.