THOUSANDS of students will celebrate their graduation in the biggest ever ceremonies organised by the University of Sussex.

Today marks the start of three weeks of graduation ceremonies, with the university welcoming back Sussex students from 2021 and 2021, who were unable to graduate due to the pandemic, along with this year’s cohort of graduates.

In total, over 9,600 students from 165 countries will attend graduation ceremonies, accompanied by almost 27,000 guests.

This year’s graduands will join the ranks of almost 200,000 Sussex alumni who have undertaken undergraduate and postgraduate degrees since the university first opened its doors 60 years ago.

Professor David Maguire, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex, said: “We couldn’t be more delighted to be welcoming back Sussex students from the past few years to a magnificent celebration of their academic success.

“More than that, with the past few years, it’s a hugely personal success too, with our students overcoming a set of circumstances not experienced in recent history.

“We’re incredibly proud of their tenacity and for embodying the spirit of the University of Sussex; that of kindness, integrity, courage and inclusion - and they should be too.

“Over the 60 years that the university has been in existence, our alumni have gone out in the world to challenge convention; to make pivotal scientific discoveries, to establish innovative start-up companies; to develop life-changing new tech, to rally against social injustices, to educate the next generation, and so much more besides.

“I can’t wait to see what the 2020, 2021, and 2022 Sussex graduates go on to do.”

Amongst those that will be returning to collect their certificates at the Brighton Centre is Sharon Trevillyan who finished her studies at the university in 1981, but was unable to formally graduate following a move to California.

She said that studying at Sussex gave her the ability to travel the world, run her own business and live abroad.

Sharon said: “The University of Sussex taught me to challenge the status quo.

“If you choose to live within the boundaries then do it willingly, but not as a default. For anyone graduating with me, I would say dream big. I have exceeded any dreams I had when I walked off the Falmer campus in 1981.”