A HISTORIC piece of footage documenting Albion's promotion has been discovered, as letters of support for a club legend pour in.

Former winger Peter O’Sullivan collapsed last week due to a bleed on the brain, and was admitted to Royal Sussex County Hospital where he was placed on life support.

In the following days, The Argus received more than one hundred messages for Peter from readers, all of which were passed on.

The Argus: Albion on the busAlbion on the bus

But hidden among the letters, was a DVD titled “Albion promotion, 1979”.

On it was amateur footage shot by Richard Inverarity on his old Super 8 camera, of Albion’s promotion parade as they went into division one, which was then the top flight.

The nostalgic reel shows the open top bus driving down King's Road, Hove, before it headed up to Hove Town Hall, where thousands of loving supporters can be seen lining the multi-story car park.

Fans can be seen running along the side of the bus, almost appearing to pick it up and carry it along as they seemed so happy to see their team succeed.

Players on the bus are as excited as the crowd – with one member seen smoking as they hang from the side. How times have changed.

Richard, of Brunswick Road in Hove, said he has fond, vivid memories of the day.

“As I was running along the side of the bus parade, it wasn’t filmed that well, if at all,” he said in his letter to Peter.

The Argus: People lining the multi-storey car park in HovePeople lining the multi-storey car park in Hove

“If you pause it, you should see yourself on the double decker bus.

“My first ever game was in 1976 when someone gave me a ticket for the South Stand at the Goldstone Ground – a one-all draw with Crystal Palace.

“From that day on I was hooked, and am still attending games as a season ticket holder now at the age of 68.”

Albion beat Newcastle away three goals to one in May 1979 to secure the promotion.