AN AIR conditioning company has been inundated with calls after Sussex baked in record-breaking temperatures earlier this week.

Brighton-based H&D Air Conditioning said phones “have been ringing incessantly” over the last few weeks as the mercury rose.

The company said that they are now fully booked for new installations of air conditioning units into September.

Tony Johanson, director of the firm, said that there had been a surge in calls from homeowners looking for ways to keep cool.

He said: “Previous summers have been very busy as it is our peak time of the year - however, with the rise in working from home and new-build properties being so well insulated, we have received markedly more calls from residential households looking for a cooling solution.

“There has also been a surge in demand for mobile air conditioning units, particularly for the comfort of both the elderly and pets.”

However, Tony said that clients have recently had an eye on getting units for the winter months.

He said: “In the hottest two days of the year, the most enquiries we have had for air conditioning units were for clients planning ahead and wishing to heat with them.

“Air conditioning units are air to air heat pumps and are now dual purpose, offering both heating and cooling for an all-year benefit.

“With the reduction in VAT from five per cent to zero per cent, they are also more affordable.”

Temperatures hit record-breaking levels during this week’s heatwave, hitting 37.6C in the village of Herstmonceux on Tuesday.

The Argus: Bottled water also was in high demand during the heatwave, with some stores in the city running outBottled water also was in high demand during the heatwave, with some stores in the city running out

Demand for bottled water has also surged amid the extreme temperatures, with empty shelves in stores across the city after selling out.

Signs were put up at a branch of Sainsbury’s near Preston Park apologising to customers after running out of bottles of still water.

Brighton and Hove is set to remain significantly cooler for the rest of the week, with clouds and light showers forecast.

Temperatures will reach highs of 23C, some ten degrees lower than the city experienced on Tuesday at the peak of the heatwave.