THE SECOND instalment of Fatboy Slim’s Big Beach Boutique in 2002 will forever be remembered by those that were there and envied by those that were not.

A quarter of a million people packed into Brighton to catch a glimpse of the DJ at the peak of his popularity in mid-July that year for one of the century's biggest parties.

And in the minds of those that missed out, there will always be a niggling sense that they will never have a chance to live the moment. That was unless they happened to be at On the Beach festival last night.

The Argus: The DJ wore the new Albion shirt. Photo: Eddie MitchellThe DJ wore the new Albion shirt. Photo: Eddie Mitchell

Celebrating 20 years since the famous show, Fatboy Slim headlined the festival last night, and will play again tonight, delivering another night of peerless dance music.

The atmosphere was palpable, you could almost open your mouth and taste it. Thousands cramming in down the front of the seaside stage to get the best view, while those planning on throwing some serious moves were scattered loosely towards the back.

The Argus: The show was a huge success. Photo: Eddie MitchellThe show was a huge success. Photo: Eddie Mitchell

Revellers from around the country and the world had made the pilgrimage to this temporary dance music mecca – some having been bitterly disappointed at missing out last time, with one person telling me that at 17, her dad said she was not going to see Fatboy Slim “because of alcohol and teenage boys”. But 20 years later, she had finally made it.

And so, as Eats Everything left the stage, the tension grew, until a cacophony of cheers erupted as Fatboy Slim took to the stage, as he also unveiled Albion’s new strip by wearing the shirt to the theme of Sussex by The Sea – a proper Brighton and Hove homage.

The Argus: Fatboy Slim onstage. Photo: Eddie MitchellFatboy Slim onstage. Photo: Eddie Mitchell

Kit unveiled. Introductions out the way. It was time to dance, and so we did, for two solid hours of uninterrupted, certified, gold-platted bangers.

Flames and smoke cannons spewing up into the air from the stage, the place was buzzing, and Fatboy was having just as much as everyone in the crowd as he worked through a smattering of his own material, while mixing club anthems for what was a truly massive set.

The Argus: People took to the sea to watch the show. Photo: Eddie MitchellPeople took to the sea to watch the show. Photo: Eddie Mitchell

There were people who watched the event from Marine Parade through the fencing, but certainly nothing like the 250,000 from 20 years ago – but the buzz about the place was no less extraordinary. What a time we had. And the lasers – oh the lasers!

So as the hangovers clear, or worsen, Friday rolls around, and we are left with just the sweet memories of a day by the seaside – and the feeling that the second day of Fatboy Slim’s brief residency is set to be another instant classic.