SAFFRON Barker says she was nearly spiked while in an Ibiza club and security staff were “aggressive” with her when she tried to report it.

The YouTube star, 22, described the incident, which happened at Amnesia Ibiza while she was on holiday, on Instagram.

Saffron, from Brighton, who appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in 2019, said she wanted to discuss it to “raise awareness” about the club and that spiking can be “much more common” than many people think.

Saffron, ex-girlfriend of Love Island’s Luca Bish, told her 1.8 million followers “tonight somebody tried to spike me”.

The Argus:

In a later a video message she recalled how, after she ordered a drink at the bar, she saw a man put something into her glass and then walk off.

She said when she confronted him, he allegedly made a comment about how “a little bit of ecstasy, MDMA doesn’t hurt nobody”.

Saffron said she and her friends then approached several security guards but were told they could not help, despite there being security cameras which should have captured the incident.

She said one of the bouncers allegedly became “aggressive” towards her and her friends, leaving her feeling “terrified”.

The Argus: Photo: Saffron Barker/ InstagramPhoto: Saffron Barker/ Instagram

She said: “Obviously, it’s bad enough that somebody tried to spike me but I think what’s even worse is the way that every single person (who) worked in that club, the way that they reacted was just absolutely vile.

“I’ve never felt so small in my life. I felt like I was made out to be a liar so I completely understand why people don’t talk about this.

“I just wanted to raise awareness as well, not only for the club and the way that they reacted, but also I think a lot of the time you never think is going to be you when actually it is so much more common than a lot of us think and I’m just so grateful that I’m here to actually tell this story and I didn’t actually get spiked.”

Saffron captioned the video with the words: “This is why girls are afraid to speak up. I thought security were supposed to look after us.”

Amnesia Ibiza has been contacted for comment.