A GROUP of “mystic meerkats” has predicted that England’s Lionesses will win their first European Championship in tonight’s final against Germany.

The meerkats at Drusillas Zoo Park near Alfriston were quick to jump into a bucket of food with an England flag on, forecasting a win for the England women’s team at Wembley Stadium this evening.

Zookeeper Jacinta Dawe placed the buckets in front of the meerkats, one with the flag of England and the other with the German flag.

A whistle was blown and the meerkats descended on the England bucket - so much so that it toppled over.

The meerkats have yet to predict a match incorrectly, forecasting that the Lionesses would win against Spain in their match at the Amex Stadium last week and against Sweden in the semi-finals on Tuesday.

The mob also used their mystical powers to predict some of the matches of last year’s men’s European Championships.

Jacinta said: “Our team have been so impressed by England’s performances and team spirit, so it’s been great to get behind the squad and show our support.

“Although we wish both teams luck it would be incredible for the Lionesses to win as the meerkats have predicted.

“The mystic mob seem to be loving reigniting their psychic powers and now get excited when they see me arrive with the buckets and flags.

“The mob’s matriarch, Tamu, is always first to the buckets, letting everyone know what to do, and even our baby is joining in which is so lovely to watch.”

The Argus: The meerkats were so convinced of an England win that they tipped the bucket overThe meerkats were so convinced of an England win that they tipped the bucket over

Tonight’s final is likely to attract one of the biggest TV audiences of the year after England’s 4-0 victory against Sweden was watched by an average of 7.9 million people.

The most-watched event or programme of the year so far is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee concert, which was watched by 13.1 million people.

Live coverage of the Euro 2022 final begins on BBC One at 3.50pm, with kick-off at 5pm.