MORE than 25 weapons have been handed into an amnesty bin at a police station in a single month.

Amnesty bin are designed to encourage members of the public to anonymously hand in knives, blades and other harmful weapons.

At Brighton Police Station in John Street, a total of 22 knives have been handed in so far this month.

A further four work tools and one miscellaneous offensive weapon have also been received.

All the weapons are subsequently disposed of safely.

Brighton and Hove Police said any weapons can be dropped into the amnesty bin in the reception area of the police station with no questions asked. 

“Any weapon taken off the streets can only be a positive thing and the amnesty bin located at the John Street Police Station is there for exactly that reason,” a police spokesman said.

“Thank you to those who have chosen to use it and please remember it is there if it is needed.”

In November last year, almost 500 weapons were seized in Sussex during a week of action to tackle knife crime.

Numerous arrests were made including a teenager in the possession of a catapult.

The dedicated week of action, titled Operation Sceptre, formed part of a national campaign of education and enforcement aimed at tackling knife crime and serious violence.

In Sussex alone, police officers seized 496 weapons.

A total of 195 stop searches were conducted and 41 arrests were made.

In Brighton and Hove, arrests were made for offences including possession of an offensive weapon, dealing Class A drugs, robbery, vehicle theft and threats to kill.

More than 3,600 people passed through the metal-detecting “knife arches” at Brighton Station as part of a joint operation with British Transport Police and Govia Thameslink Railway.

Four knives were seized at the railway station as a result.