THE Love Island finalists have revealed their plans for the future, including moving in together and career ambitions, following Monday evening’s final.

Speaking after leaving the villa, runner-up Rottingdean’s Luca Bish, who reached the final with his partner Gemma Owen, revealed that if the pair were to move in together, he would move to Gemma’s hometown of Chester to be with her.

The 23-year-old said: “There is no middle ground – it’s Chester or nothing!

“I’m happy to go wherever she wants me to go. I haven’t got too many commitments back home so it’s easier for me to move.

“Whatever makes us happy and whatever is right, we’ll do. Hopefully if I move near her, in time we’ll get a place together.”

The Argus:

Speculating about their plans to move in together, Gemma revealed she would not be replicating the colourful Love Island villa decor in any future homes.

“Absolutely no neons!” she said.

She added: “It would be very neutral colours. No yellow beanbags.”

During the series, a yellow beanbag in the villa’s garden became a talking point after the islanders deemed it a bad omen and decided it brought bad luck to people who sat on it.

Luca agreed with his partner, saying: “At the end of Love Island, I started moving the yellow pillows. I don’t think you’ll ever see me sitting next to a yellow pillow.”

Third-place couple Indiyah Polack and Dami Hope revealed they were taking things one step at a time, after Dami suggested moving to London from his native Dublin during the series.

When asked if the pair had plans to move in together, Indiyah said: “I feel like eventually, yeah. Dami wants to come to London.”

To which Dami added: “I’m going to move to London but I don’t know if we’ll get our own place soon.”

“Not straight away,” continued Indiyah.

“We have to look around, spend time, meet families and stuff and do it when the time is right.

“I feel like it won’t be an issue because we’ve spent so much time together and we know that we can live together.”