REFUGEES minister Lord Harrington has praised the generosity of the people of Sussex in welcoming Ukrainians into their homes.

In a visit to Wealden, the minister said it had been “fantastic” to see the county and the rest of the country come together to help those most in need.

The UK has now taken in more than 103,000 Ukrainian refugees since the start of the Russian invasion in late February.

During his visit to the village of Mayfield, Lord Harrington, who lives in Brighton, spoke to representatives from local charity Mayfax as well as those who have been taken in by generous residents.

“I spoke to a woman called Christina, who is one of the refugees from Ukraine, who told me how grateful she is to this country and to Wealden in particular," he said.

“It was really quite emotional because of the terrible things that have happened to her and her family.”

The Argus: Lord Harrington with hosts and refugees in WealdenLord Harrington with hosts and refugees in Wealden

He also said that, after efforts from cities such as Brighton to accept refugees, there was an increasing number going to rural areas and small towns.

Lord Harrington said: “You can go from the most affluent parts of the country to some of the poorest ones and there are loads and loads of British people giving their homes and help to people. 

“It really is fantastic and it’s been good for those local communities.”

More than 300 refugees are currently staying with sponsors in Brighton and Hove, with Chichester proclaimed as the most generous part of the country for accepting Ukrainians fleeing the war earlier this year.

Ukrainian ambassador Vadym Prystaiko praised the British people for helping those fleeing the Russian invasion.

He said: “As Russian tanks started rolling over Ukrainian borders and the first cities were bombarded, tens of thousands of British families have offered their homes to Ukrainians.

“I know it is not easy to host displaced people from a different culture, an unfamiliar background, speaking a foreign language and most importantly deeply troubled and hurt.

“We are different in so many ways but we have in common an acute sense of injustice and readiness to stand up against evil.

“The ties between our nations, our governments have never been closer. This is because of each and everyone of you, your generosity, patience and kindness.”