MOTORISTS face difficulty trying to get around the city this weekend as thousands flock to celebrate Pride.

Brighton and Hove Pride is returning to the city after a two-year hiatus with a village party in Kemp Town, a community parade and a two-day festival in Preston Park.

Several roads will be closed in the city centre across the weekend, including along the parade route where parking bays will also be suspended.

Road closures will also be in place for the Preston Park festival and the Pride Village party, with the potential for police to close other roads where required for public safety.

Councillor Steve Davis, who co-chairs the environment, transport and sustainability committee, said: “Our roads and car parks will be extremely busy for the whole weekend, so I’d ask everyone who can, to leave their cars at home and choose sustainable travel this year.

“We’re lucky to have excellent public transport in Brighton and Hove and most places are easily accessible both on foot or by bike.

“Along with our transport partners, we’re working extremely hard to make travelling around the city as easy as possible so that everyone can enjoy a safe and hassle-free Pride this summer.”

The following roads will be closed on August 6 from 9am to 4pm:

  • Kingsway: Grand Avenue to Kings Road, eastbound
  • Kingsway: Kings Road to Brunswick Square, westbound
  • Kings Road
  • Grand Junction Road - westbound
  • West Street
  • North Street: Queens Road to Castle Square
  • Castle Square
  • Old Steine
  • Marlborough Place
  • Gloucester Place
  • St George’s Place
  • York Place
  • London Road
  • Preston Road: New England Road to Stanford Avenue
  • Stanford Avenue: Preston Road to Beaconsfield Road
  • Beaconsfield Road: close slip lane and bus lane
  • Montpelier Road: Western Road to Kings Road
  • South Street
  • Boyce’s Street
  • Russell Road: West Street to Russell Place
  • Cannon Place: Russell Road to Kings Road
  • Queens Road: North Street to North Road
  • St Peter’s Place - westbound
  • New England Road: New England Street to Preston Road
  • Edward Street: John Street to Pavilion Parade - westbound
  • Pavilion Parade

The following roads will be closed from 10am on August 6 to 1am on August 7, and from 2pm on August 7 to 12.01am on August 8:

  • St James’s Street
  • Steine Street
  • Manchester Street
  • Charles Street
  • Broad Street
  • Madeira Place
  • Camelford Street
  • Margaret Street
  • Wentworth Street
  • New Steine
  • Rock Place
  • Pavilion Street
  • Prince’s Street
  • George Street
  • Dorset Gardens
  • High Street
  • Chapel Street
  • Cavendish Street
  • Ardingly Street

The following roads will be closed from 7pm on August 6 to 1am on August 7:

  • Queen’s Road: North Road to Gloucester Road - northbound only
  • Queen’s Road: Gloucester Road to Brighton Station
  • Upper Gloucester Road: Queen’s Road to North Gardens
  • Surrey Street
  • Junction Road
  • Terminus Road

The following roads will be closed from 9pm on August 6 to 1am on August 7:

  • Stanford Avenue: Preston Park Avenue to Preston Road
  • Preston Road: Stanford Avenue to New England Road
  • London Road: New England Road to Cheapside

One-way access on the following roads will change to two-way access on August 6 from 9am to 4pm:

  • Bedford Square: access from Sillwood Street to Bedford Square
  • Russell Road: Cannon Place to exit of Churchill Square car park
  • Windsor Street
  • Portland Street
  • Church Street: Portland Street to Windsor Street
  • Francis Street
  • Baker Street
  • Rose Hill Terrace: London Terrace to Kingsbury Road
  • Kingsbury Road
  • Argyle Road
  • Springfield Road: Beaconsfield Road to Preston Road
  • Ditchling Rise: Beaconsfield Road to Preston Road

One-way travel will be reversed to a northbound direction on Devonshire Place from 1am on August 6 to 4am on August 8.

There will be no access to Clarence Square from the junction of Western Road southbound and eastbound for 35 metres on August 6 from 9am to 4pm.