THE Green party in Brighton has reaffirmed its opposition to the government’s Rwanda deportation plan, as Pride returns this weekend.

Ahead of Brighton Pride’s in-person return this weekend, Greens have called for an end to deportations of asylum seekers. 

At the parade this weekend, which centres on “Love, Protest, Unity”, Green councillors will march alongside communities in protest of the “horrific” plans.

The Greens say that the return of Pride is welcome – but is a reminder that there is more work to be done on achieving LGBTIQA+ equality.

Deputy council leader Hannah Clare said: "This government's treatment of refugees is appalling in so many ways. 

“They have been applauded for their Homes for Ukraine scheme, which has seen hundreds of hosts kindly open their homes in our city. 

“Yet there still remain families placed in unsecure hotel accommodation in Hove by the Home Office. 

“In the last week we have heard stories of families being threatened by the accommodation provider, just for wanting to keep their family safe.

"As a city of sanctuary, we proudly welcome refugees to Brighton & Hove, ensuring they have a safe and warm welcome. 

“Yet the treatment of refugees by our government has never been worse. 

“While we will be marching with joy to celebrate Pride's return, we must remember that Pride is also a protest first and foremost. 

“Greens will march in solidarity and protest against the government's deportation of LGBTIQA+ refugees."

Brighton Green MP Caroline Lucas said: “I’m thrilled to see Pride returning to Brighton and Hove.

"Pride is both a celebration and an opportunity to say loud and clear that LGBTIQA+ rights matter.

“It serves as a reminder that – when our shameful government is willing to deport LGBTIQA+ asylum seekers to Rwanda, to face persecution in a country with a human rights record far worse than our own – Brighton will always be a city of sanctuary for those seeking safety.

“And it’s an opportunity to demand that we won’t rest until we’ve won equality for all.”