AN EXHIBITION for mod-afficionados has seen thousands through its door in the first week.

This is the Modern World, an exhibition about Mod groups The Jam and The Style Council, opened its doors exactly a week ago on July 29 in Valley Gardens, Brighton.

The exhibition was largely organised by Paul Weller’s sister, Nicky Weller, who called for fans to bring their memorabilia to be shown at the outdoor exhibition.

Nicky, who ran The Jam fan club during the 70s, has been giving guided tours every day to dozens of people.

The Argus: Nicky and Paul WellerNicky and Paul Weller

The 57-year-old told The Argus: “It has a mixture of both bands in the tent, then around the outside of that is containers dedicated to The Jam Fan Club, and there is an area dedicated to my dad.

“We have a cinema out the back as well with unseen footage too. It’s a good couple of hours walking and checking everything out. There is a lot of content to get through!

“We are expecting to be really busy, especially with some of the mod weekends coming up. We have the Quadrophenia cast coming on the bank holiday weekend.

The Argus: Paul Weller's guitars at the exhibitionPaul Weller's guitars at the exhibition

“St Peter’s Church has allowed us to use it as a music venue. We had Gentleman’s Dub Club last night, Nick Heyward tonight which will be amazing, Saturday is The Rifles who used to support Paul.

“Sunday we have lots of scooter clubs turning up. We have a nice grassy area with a  bar so hopefully everyone can park up their scooters for the day while they’re here.

“I didn’t know what to expect from the venue, I had only seen it on paper. When we turned up, the set builders have been absolutely amazing.

The Argus: The exhibition has behind-the-scenes footage and pictures. Pictured are Paul Weller and Steve WhiteThe exhibition has behind-the-scenes footage and pictures. Pictured are Paul Weller and Steve White

“It has been transformed inside that tent, I urge anyone to come down and see it for themselves.”

The Jam original members Paul Weller and Bruce Foxton will visit, as will The Style Council's Steve White.

The Style Council keyboardist Mick Talbot has already been for a question and answer session but will be appearing again. Jam drummer Rick Buckler has also appeared at the exhibition.

The Argus: More memorabilia at the exhibitionMore memorabilia at the exhibition

Nicky previously told The Argus how fans used to nick bowling shoes from local bowling alleys to replicate their heroes wearing “Jam stage shoes”.

Tickets can be bought online or at the gate for the exhibition.

The exhibition opens daily from 2pm - 5pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays (besides Monday, August 29, open from 11am - 5pm). The exhibition is open from 11am - 6pm on Saturday and Sundays.

Exhibition open daily with guided tours with Nicky Weller – Mon-Friday 1- 2pm and Sat and Sunday - 10-11am

Evening concerts and special events from 7pm-11pm.