AWARD-WINNING comedian Simon Fanshawe is returning to the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe festival for the first time in decades for a new live show.

The Kemp Town-based comedian, who first won best comedy show at the Fringe in 1989, will look back at his career and childhood in a broadly biographical performance, using his personal stories to explore why finding common ground with people you disagree with matters.

Simon said: “The show is all about working out how to get on with each other. That’s something I’ve been obsessed with since I was tiny.

“I am quite a free speech nut, but in the end, I think what’s equally, if not more important, is that people exchange ideas and work out how to live together and that doesn’t always mean agreeing.

“Total agreement doesn’t have to be to the aim of life - recognising the power of difference is where the magic happens.”

The Power of Difference is running from August 19 to 23 at the festival, with tickets available online.