A YACHT that ran aground beneath the Seven Sisters cliffs last month is still stranded.

The 16-metre yacht left Dover on July 23 and ran aground at 4am on Monday, July 25, between the Cuckmere Valley and Birling Gap, near Eastbourne.

The owner was hoping it would refloat at high tide but the boat, named Cape Michelle, remained stuck on the rocks.

A salvage company will now be used to tow the boat back out to sea.

The Argus: The boat the morning it beached near Birling GapThe boat the morning it beached near Birling Gap

A Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokewoman said: “The yacht Cape Michelle remains in its grounded position at Seven Sisters, east of Newhaven.

"Newhaven coastguard rescue team inspected the vessel yesterday, August 4, and observed that the vessel was intact and sound and had not dragged closer to the cliffs. Its anchor was still in place, and no additional damage was noted.

“A recovery operation is scheduled for around the next high-water tide, with the owner having engaged a salvage company to tow the vessel back out to sea and onward to a safe haven for repair. MCA counter pollution are liaising with the local authority, vessel owner and salvor.”

The next high tide will be at 4.57pm today, while the high tide for Saturday is at 5.57pm.

The Argus: The coastguard helicopter rescued the sailor. Picture from RNLI NewhavenThe coastguard helicopter rescued the sailor. Picture from RNLI Newhaven

On Monday, July 25, rescue teams were made aware of the boat, which had one person onboard, dragging its anchor along the seafloor.

The sailor was winched to safety by the coastguard helicopter from Lydd in Kent.

Birling Gap Coastguard Rescue Team and Newhaven RNLI also attended.

The sea was choppy, with wave heights of around one metre on the day and Cape Michelle could be seen listing to its left side.

The Argus: Beneath the Seven Sisters cliffsBeneath the Seven Sisters cliffs

The coastguard encouraged people not to attempt to approach or board the vessel due to the rocky terrain.

The Argus reported how the boat still remained days after it ran aground.

There were concerns about diesel spilling out of the boat which “would not have a long-term detrimental effect on the environment”.

In June, a yacht also manned by one person washed up on Rustington beach in Littlehampton.