I strongly support Ninka Willock of the Brighton Society (Letters, February 13), and the many others who are pleading for the retention of the Connaught Centre in Hove.

My reasons are both personal and professional.

I started my education there as long ago as 1927, at the age of four, when it was an infant school.

My professional interest is that I retired in 1983 after nine years as borough planning officer of Brighton (previously director of the Greater Brighton Structure Plan).

Like the old Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital in Dyke Road, the Connaught Centre is a fine example of the arts and crafts, gothic revival style of architecture that characterised our environment in late Victorian and Edwardian times.

For me it was appropriate that in the same edition (The Argus, February 13) there was a splendid, double-page feature on Richardson Road, Hove.

The style of this gem of a shopping centre, tucked away off New Church Road, is truly representative of the smallscale domestic urban design of the same period as the Connaught Centre. Nicky Falkof was so right to refer to it as "community-centric".

  • Ken Fines, Northease Drive Hove