A GROUP of amateur adventurers took on a military-grade skydive and leapt from thousands of feet higher than the standard exit altitude.

Nine brave rookies jumped from 14,000 feet for tandem skydives which lasted for nearly a minute and saw them reach speeds of 120mph.

The group youngest member was 17, while Brian Pate, 85, took to the skies for his third parachute jump – and has plenty more in the tank yet.

“It was beautiful, most enjoyable,” he said.

The Argus: Brian after his latest skydiveBrian after his latest skydive

“I have done three skydives now. I am 85 and I plan to do another one when I am 90.”

The event raised £5,000 for Worthing charity Care For Veterans.

It was led by The Army Parachute Association, which adheres to “exceptionally high safety standards of the British Army as well as those of British Skydiving”.

Among the daredevils was Jordan Gledhill who was ecstatic to have been involved with “such a great cause”.

The Argus: Jordan, Justina and Reece, rightJordan, Justina and Reece, right


“It was an amazing experience,” he said.

Care For Veterans does not receive regular government funding so relies on fundraising efforts from the public to provide care for those who have served in the Armed  Forces.