The speed limit on a road used by thousands of motorists every day should be lowered from 40 to 30mph, a councillor said today.

Mike Weatherley, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Hove, Councillor Dawn Barnett and Councillor Les Hamilton are appealing for improvements to Old Shoreham Road after the fatal crash.

Andrew Cross, 32, from Southwick, was killed in Old Shoreham Road, Portslade, on February 14, when he hit the rear left-hand side of a Brighton and Hove bus as he rode east towards Brighton on his Suzuki 750cc.

The No 6 single-decker had turned into Foredown Drive when Mr Cross collided with it at 11.35am. Coun Barnett is asking for residents' views and is compiling a petition for a review of safety options for the junction between Old Shoreham Road and Olive Road.

Coun Hamilton, who represents South Portslade, also plans to present a petition, which is being drawn up by residents in the area, at the next full council meeting.

He says residents have reported several accidents, including fatalities in Old Shoreham Road, between Southern Cross and the Hangleton Link Road.

He said: "They are strongly of the opinion that a 30mph limit is needed on this section, enforced by a speed camera.

"It has always been a mystery to me why some oarts of the A270 have a 30mph limit and other parts have a 40mph limit. It may date back to the days when the A270 was the A27, a major trunk road.

"I would like to suggest that the A270, from Bhasvic (Brighton and Hove Sixth Form College) to the Portslade and Southwick border, should be 30mph throughout.

"On the section where the fatality occurred there are many pedestrians walking to and from three primary schools, soon to be joined by a childrens' centre and I feel the time has come to improve the safety for all users of this section of road."

He said that last year he presented a letter to the Environment Committee asking for a 20mph limit from Southern Cross, northwards, as far as the entrance of Loxdale.

He said: "There are two primary schools on this section attended by over 500 children and a very heavy traffic flow.

"I was told that 20mph zones were being prioritised but have heard no more. If we are serious about Safer Routes to Schools I would have thought this was a very much needed improvement."

Mr Weatherley said: "I am on record as criticising many traffic lights around the city and I would like to see less obstacles on our roads to generally improve traffic flow.

"However, here is one example where just maybe additional speed cameras, traffic lights, a roundabout or lower speed limits may be a good thing.

"Old Shoreham Road is clearly in need of an urgent safety analysis. It is a busy road with many junctions and people of all ages crossing.

"Improving the flow of traffic for quicker journeys is important, but so is safety and I would like to see a proper review on this road so informed decisions can be made and lives saved."

If you would like to add your support for a review visit