A Euro MP convicted of benefit fraud has been labelled a hypocrite after accusing immigrants of burdening British taxpayers.

Ashley Mote released the 46-page pamphlet J'Accuse after he was jailed for nine months in September last year for falsely claiming £67,000 in benefits.

It claimed the benefits system which he defrauded "pours money into foreign pockets".

Mr Mote claimed £32,000 in income support and £35,000 in housing benefit from Chichester District Council when he failed to declare he was earning £4,000 a month.

The MEP for South East England was found guilty of 21 offences connected with benefit fraud.

He has appealed against both his criminal conviction and the finding that the benefits were overpayments and must be repaid.

Mr Mote, 71, who is now out of jail, is awaiting the ruling of the criminal appeal court but civil appeal judges ruled last December he must repay the £67,000.

The father-of-two sits as an independent after he was thrown out of UKIP when they learned he faced criminal charges.

Nick Johnson, director of policy at the Institute of Community Cohesion, said it was "ironic" and "hypocritical".

He said: "He talks about people coming into the country and taking benefits that should be for people who are born here.

"He says it's unfair that these people are changing the British way of life, that these people are taking services which should be reserved for native born people.

"It's hypocritical as well as distasteful and unhelpful.

"He should worry about his own actions rather than misleading the country about other people."

Mr Mote was not available for comment.