DOG OWNERS in Sussex are struggling to provide for their pets as the cost of living crisis takes its toll.

According to statistics from YouGov, 36 per cent of owners in the South East are now finding it more difficult to give their dogs all that they need.

Dogs Trust has received a record number of inquiries from people wanting to give up their dogs as they have to choose between feeding their pets or feeding themselves.

In July, more than 4,000 dog owners contacted the charity looking to rehome their pet.

Owen Sharp, CEO of Dogs Trust, said: “The UK is fast heading towards a situation in which, due to the cost-of-living crisis, we’ll have a surplus of dogs whose owners need to give them up, but a deficit of people who can afford to take on a new dog.

“If you’re struggling to afford looking after your own dog, Dogs Trust will do all it can to help. We can’t promise miracles, but we’re always here to listen without judgement, talk through the options and give dog owners the benefit of our expert knowledge.”

With inflation expected to climb above 13 per cent according to the Bank of England, essentials for dogs are just one of many items rising in price.

According to Dogs Trust, more and more owners are citing financial problems as the reason for needing to give up their dog.

In the same YouGov survey, 40% of dog owners in the South East said that vet bills were the biggest expense for their pets.

Around one in five said that they were most worried about dog food or pet insurance.