OWNERS of a wizard-themed cocktail bar are celebrating a successful launch – but still needs a name for its unicorn.

The Cauldron in Clarence Gardens, Brighton, serves up “potion-making” cocktail masterclasses alongside mystical magic props for drinkers to have fun with.

The magical bar enjoyed a booming first few days of trade last weekend, with customers curious to find out more.

But the one thing that drew the most attention was The Cauldron’s resident unicorn, which dispenses drinks from its mouth.

The Argus: The Cauldron's unicorn still needs a nameThe Cauldron's unicorn still needs a name

“The jury is still out on what we will name our unicorn in our venue - the VIP that guards and dispenses one of our magical cocktails,” said the bar’s co-founder Matthew Cortland.

“We’ve had some good suggestions so far and will summon the public to vote on a poll via our Instagram.

“We are so grateful to have seen our opening weekend bring so much excitement to Brighton.

The Argus: The Potion Experience at The CauldronThe Potion Experience at The Cauldron

“We met our new neighbours and invited a handful of influencers and media to get a sneak peek of our potions experience, molecular cocktail bar, and beer garden.

“We are seeing ticket sales increase day by day and are looking forward to our first full month of operations in this wonderful city and gearing up for one of our most celebrated seasons of the year - Halloween.”

The venue, which was described by Matthew as “a gateway to the magical world”, also has non-alcoholic options for families and children to enjoy.

The Argus: The Wizard of Menlo Park cocktailThe Wizard of Menlo Park cocktail

The bar’s unique cocktails include The Wizard of Menlo Park, a ginger cocktail that shoots plumes of smoke into the air, Ode to Mullica, a bourbon and maple cocktail served in a smoking bell jar, and The Blob, an aloe and tequila cocktail with an expanding head - reminiscent of the 1950s American sci-fi horror film of the same name.

The beer garden will also offer ten lines of beer, including Guinness, cider, lager and IPAs.