The parents of a web designer who killed himself after becoming mentally ill have told how they felt let down by the treatment their son received.

Daniel Rosen, 28, hanged himself from a tree in woods at Stanmer Park in Brighton.

An inquest heard that his family were convinced that Daniel's use of cannabis from the age of 14 had contributed to his illness.

His mother Sue Rosen told the hearing that cannabis had "triggered something which went wrong in his mind".

Brighton and Hove coroner Veronica Hamilton-Deeley recorded a verdict of suicide after Daniel's death on December 12.

Daniel's parents Efi, 59, and Sue, 57, told The Argus their son often did not want to accept help about his problems.

Mrs Rosen said: "Doctors and psychiatrists said they were unable to talk to us about Daniel because of patient confidentiality but they could have given us general guidelines on what to look for and what to expect."

She added: "He didn't want to accept the help he needed because he was a very proud person and because he believed too many other people in the world needed it more than him."

Mr Rosen said: "We were left to cope on our own and felt isolated and scared. The confidentiality laws blocked the information we needed to know about our son."

The couple said they struggled to cope with Daniel's difficulties and his ability to conceal his real problems and make people believe he was fine.

Mr Rosen described his son as highly intelligent and said he decided to "purify" himself of drugs, give up cigarettes and meat in the run up to his death.

They last saw Daniel at a Channukah festival they hosted at their home in Reading.

Mrs Rosen said: "He came to stay at home with us and we had a lovely family time. He had booked tickets to Egypt and was looking forward to his travels.

"Every time we were in Brighton he would try to meet us on the beach. Two things he loved were the sounds of waves and walking in the woods which is ultimately where he chose to end things - in a beautiful park with the natural world as his companion."

Daniel was born in 1979 in Bedford and grew up in Berkshire attending Henley College in Oxfordshire. He moved to Brighton in 2003 to take a web design course at the University of Brighton. He enjoyed playing music and song writing.

Iain Chalmers, 29, a friend from Henley College, said: "We formed a band called Balooga when we were 16 and to us it was the best funk band in the country. We stayed friends and in 2003 he made a website of my wedding. Dan was a genuine friend."

The Rosen family are calling for more research into the causes of mental health problems and more information to be made available to people through the media and TV programmes.

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