A TOWN’S new bus shelter will remove toxic gasses from the air as the area pushes ahead with its net zero mission.

The green shelter on Sutton Avenue in Peacehaven is topped with Sedum – a shallow group of plants that absorb pollution.

It will also increase biodiversity in the area by providing a habitat for insects, and will protect the structure itself from weathering.

Councillor David Seabrook, Peacehaven’s deputy mayor, said: “Sedum is a good choice for a green roof, as it is a plant that stores water in its leaves, tolerates drought and is very hardy. As well as providing good roof cover, it is also easy to maintain.”

The new bus stop has moved slightly further along the road as it is larger than the previous one.

It is also more accessible due to its size, and includes to entrances to the front of the structure.

Vicky Onis, the Peacehaven Town Council’s committees and assistant projects officer, said: “It’s great to reach the positive outcome its contemporary style, fits nicely along Sutton Avenue.”