A MAN has praised Brighton for its continued support of Ukraine - as he prepares to deliver vital supplies to the country for the sixth time. 

Jim Deans is gearing up to transport power generators and other essentials across the border on what will be his sixth aid mission since the Russian invasion.

As the war reaches its six-month anniversary, Mr Dean has been speaking of his trips to the country including delivering a modified ambulance and riding the 1,300 miles back to the UK on his motorbike.

Mr Deans, founder of Sussex Homeless Support, said: “We delivered a converted ambulance, there are no roads left so they also needed a 4x4.

“They are used for recovering people from areas that they can’t get to normally. I get pictures of the ambulance in use from time to time.”

Mr Deans has already been to Ukraine five times to deliver aid, three times in a convoy and twice doing special deliveries for ambulances and other vehicles.

Mr Deans, a keen motorcyclist, also says that he completed the 1,300-mile return journey on his Honda bike, a trip which lasted two and a half days.

The Argus: Aid workers have been travelling to Ukraine in order to deliver vital aid where it is needed mostAid workers have been travelling to Ukraine in order to deliver vital aid where it is needed most

Now he is preparing for his sixth trip to the country which will include delivering personal belongings back to those who have returned to the country from the UK.

He added: “It’s a good indication. They aren’t here by choice and when they have peace in their country they will return.

“It's a massive step forward.”

Supplies that are desperately needed in the country include fresh fruit and other foods, as well as electricity generators to replace power lost through shelling.

The generators, which can be solar powered, are used to power medical equipment and other important facilities used in the country.

These generators are also silent, meaning they can be safely used by those hiding in shelters.

The calls for aid come as Ukraine marked its Independence Day last week, coinciding with the six-month anniversary of the start of the Russian invasion in February.

Ukrainians living in the country marked Independence Day with small celebrations where possible, although restrictions and curfews remain in place.