LIFEBOAT volunteers had their night disrupted after flares were launched in a “reckless act”.

Crews from Brighton Lifeboat Station, as well as teams from Newhaven and Shoreham, launched after reports of a red flare close to the entrance to Brighton Marina.

However, the volunteers found no one in distress in the area and it was established that the flares had been fired from the shore. Those responsible had left the area.

The incident took place just before 9.20pm yesterday evening, August 26.

Lifeboat operations manager Roger Cohen stressed that marine distress flares should not be used as fireworks.

He said: “At least twelve volunteers had their Friday night disrupted due to this reckless act.

“Flares are a means of calling for help at sea and there will always be a response to reports.”

The public is urged to call 99 and ask for the coastguard if they see a red flare along the coast or at sea.