UKRAINIAN refugees are facing a housing crisis as they search for affordable places to rent.

Many who fled their homes as a result of the Russian invasion are now worried they will be out on the street as their host placements come to an end.

The placements under the government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme were initially set at six months.

Now many families need to find somewhere affordable to rent.

One Ukrainian refugee living in Brighton, known only as Dariia, said: “For people who have no jobs everything is very expensive, if I was alone I could rent but I have an 18-year-old son and a dog.

“Our host family said we can share their home for some time but he wants us to move, he just doesn’t want us out on the street.

“I think we need council protection and some kind of help to be a guarantor. A lot of landlords are afraid because they think people will not pay.”

Dariia previously lived in the Russian-controlled region of Donetsk before moving to the UK in April. She has now been looking for rental accommodation for a month and a half with no success.

She has called on Brighton and Hove City Council to do more to support refugees who are facing homelessness in the coming months, with suggestions such as providing a form of guarantor to allow Ukrainians to rent privately.

A spokesman for the council said: “If a Ukrainian household enters the UK under one of the government’s recognised schemes, they have access to the same services and support as UK citizens.

“If any Ukrainian guests find they can no longer stay with their host, they can contact us for housing advice. We will then support them to find alternative accommodation.

“This may be through another host family, or helping them secure private rented accommodation. If this is not possible before they are asked to leave, they may be offered temporary accommodation.”

The council said it is also providing advice surgeries for Ukrainian families in the city.